The Daily View: Economics, Poverty, Treasuries, Geithner, Bitcoin

The discussion of economics in the context of wealth inequality has become the new American pastime, along with idling on Facebook and watching re-runs on Netflix. Even those who have never taken an economics class have an opinion. And why wouldn’t they? Economics is a social science in that it involves people and their interactions… Continue reading The Daily View: Economics, Poverty, Treasuries, Geithner, Bitcoin

Education and Reality

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” –Philip K. Dick That’s where we are today – a willful denial of reality by the left, in particular the commenters on various liberals sites encompassing a collective delusion that we can close the achievement gap with costlier schools or that IQ… Continue reading Education and Reality

Ignorance, The 2008 Financial Problem, and the Limitations of Knowledge

From The American Conservative: Our Collective Hatred of Ignorance In the smartist era, the value or importance of intelligence has never been greater. Yet at the same time, the consequences of naivete and ignorance can be grave. Look how Rick Perry, a three-term governor of America’s second largest economy, was decollated by the punditry after… Continue reading Ignorance, The 2008 Financial Problem, and the Limitations of Knowledge

The Nordic Ticking Time Bomb

Is America following a trajectory of decline like The Roman Empire? Glen W. Bowersock has remarked, “we have been obsessed with the fall: it has been valued as an archetype for every perceived decline, and, hence, as a symbol for our own fears.” That seems to describe the left’s thinking. They want to believe America… Continue reading The Nordic Ticking Time Bomb

Weak GDP? No Problem

U.S. economy shrank at 1% annual pace in 1Q Daniel Gross, correctly, disabuses the fear of a double dip recession Economic data is, by in large, worthless in terms of investing and forecasting. It’s backward looking and tells you nothing about future data. If you base your investing decisions on economic data, you will sell… Continue reading Weak GDP? No Problem

A Huge Bull Market

This stock market is incapable of going lower. This bull market may last for 20 years without a single 20% correction – a possibility given the endless liquidity, technological progress, blowout profits & earnings, globalization and the usual factors that have shown no signs of slowing. Additionally, this is the second greatest bull market in… Continue reading A Huge Bull Market

Ignore the News and Keep Buying Stocks on the Dips

The Fly Writes: For the better part of 5 years now, the stock market has been rising, fueled by Federal Reserve asset purchases AND corporate profits. Our largest corporations have performed coups abroad, taken over whole cities, established governments, without firing a single shot. From my vantage point, from any vantage point, I’d say there… Continue reading Ignore the News and Keep Buying Stocks on the Dips

Racial Matters

From Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Reparations article: Reparations—by which I mean the full acceptance of our collective biography and its consequences—is the price we must pay to see ourselves squarely Isn’t that the function of MLK day, the Civil Rights Act, and black history month? Furthermore, black people get monetary reparations through record entitlement spending and government… Continue reading Racial Matters