Market Update

With the exception of the recent rout in stocks, we’re still in the what is perhaps the slowest news cycle in almost a decade. Three weeks later and still no new US Ebola patients, exactly as I thought it would be. That’s why I quit listening to right wing talk radio (and all media in… Continue reading Market Update

We Are Not Doomed

This is one of those markets where you don’t want to be committed either too long or too short. Maybe 2015 will be better for stock pickers because 2014 has been awful. The problem is these hedge funds, desperate for any yield in a hard market environment, are indecisive and change their holdings on a… Continue reading We Are Not Doomed

Does Content Really Matter?

Still a slow news cycle. Regarding Ebola, it could get worse, but if history serves as any guide, the worst is over. The media and the CDC predicted swine flu and avian flu could kills hundreds of millions of people, but only a couple hundred died. This is no different – lots of hype to… Continue reading Does Content Really Matter?

Public Outrage Getting in the Way of Good Eugenics Policy

One of the big stories this week is the lesbian couple that sued the sperm donor, setting off a firestorm of outrage. Its easy to invoke the slippery slope fallacy, but in the second biotech revolution , genes are playing an increasing important role in society and preventative medicine; whether we wish to to accept… Continue reading Public Outrage Getting in the Way of Good Eugenics Policy

The IQ Wars

The IQ wars are back: Practice Does Not Make Perfect The IQ wars were a series of public exchanges involving academics, journalists and bloggers in the field of behavior psychology, human biology, and sociology that spanned from 2008 to 2013 between proponents of biological determinism (nature) lead by scientists Steven Pinker and Charles Murray and… Continue reading The IQ Wars

Some Thoughts on IQ

Many people cannot appreciate how rare rare events are. The liberal media talks about financial crisis like it’s a common occurrence, yet in America there have only been two major financial crisis in the past 100 years, with an 80 year gap between them (1929 & 2008). It may be generations before there is a… Continue reading Some Thoughts on IQ