Superior vs. Inferior People

I agree that egalitarianism and fat acceptance is bad, but ‘superior’ people are not those who try to specialize, but those who have the innate biological gifts to specialize in fields that pay money and garner recognition, such as specializing in mathematics, physics, coding, and stock trading. Yeah, if you have an IQ of 90 maybe you can specialize in greeting strangers at Walmart. Awesome. As a caveat, a person who is smart but lazy and entitled may be worse than a low or average IQ person who has a strong work ethic. But all else being equal, just like a bigger fighter being stronger than a smaller one, smarter people tend to achieve more in life (as measured by income, academic output, creativity, etc.) than the less intelligent.

But by virtue of IQ, I believe that some people are born ‘better’ than others, and I know this is a view that is quite unpopular among both sides of the political aisle, but I think it’s the correct one. And the empirical evidence, such as high-IQ people reaping most of the wealth in the post-2008 economy, supports this view. I cannot write something I don’t personally believe is true, and what I write is true unless shown otherwise. I’m not the only one who believes this – ask any parent and they will tell you they want their kids to be smart. Parents see the headlines about high-IQ jobs making more money than the low-IQ ones, about high-IQ people pulling ahead of the rest of the country, and they want their kids to not be left behind. That’s how you can explain the cutthroat competitiveness of New York’s most exclusive schools, for example. IQ is not just a number; it’s ultimately a measure of your potential worth/value to society. That is the reality that we live in.

Personally, I don’t mind it (the system we have) too much. I like how society, whether through policy or economic trends, is rewarding high-IQ, although I can understand how this makes others uneasy or feel left out. Smart people do tend to crate more economic value than everyone else, and maybe they deserve more, too. Or to put it another way, in 2008 our ‘old economy’ hit an iceberg and there were only enough lifeboats for the smartest of people. In any situation where there is a scarcity of resources, prioritization is necessary.