Is Greece the first libertarian state?

EU-Greece Talks on Bailout Break Down, Setting Up Showdown

When debating libertarianism, critics and skeptics sometimes ask: Why isn’t there a libertarian state? Greece could be the closest thing to a libertarian state. You look at how the leadership as well as the citizens, emboldened by recent events, have defiantly given Germany (and the rest of the EU power structure) the middle finger, choosing to forge their own destiny. Greece is almost like a renegade state, driving the Eurozone establishment to fits for their refusal to corporate like they are supposed to. ‘Bullies’ like Merkel, Draghi and Francois Hollande, who usually get their way, are being bested by Yanis Varoufakis, the wonkisk, super-smart Greece finance minister who is a self-described ‘libertarian Marxist’, a hero not only to Greeks, but libertarians and anarchists all over the world. Technically, N. Korea and Iran play by their own rules, too, but their authoritarian governments are antithetical to libertarianism. Meanwhile, the citizens of Greece are using bitcoin, conversing online and in person, living an idyllic, care-free, salubrious lifestyle – almost like a post-scarcity society, in spite of the media’s efforts to make it seem like things are a disaster over there, or that there will be disaster if they don’t cooperate. So let’s hope Greece continues to drive the EU establishment insane, for the good of libertarianism. If Greece can pull this off and not cave-in, we may be the first witnesses of this great libertarian experiment, similar to those who sailed the Atlantic to join another bold experiment in government, America.

Another possible example of a proto-libertarian state is Venezuela, which has consistently snubbed its creditors, it’s citizens and leaders going their own way as the rest of the world tries to pull them in the opposite direction.