Why Moldbug Called It Quits

I suppose the movement Moldbug helped create consumed his life, interfering with his other work, and now he has been blacklisted from a conference, as Slate reports.

So I guess that at least partially answers the mystery as to why he inexplicably stopped blogging a little over a year ago.

I wrote earlier in my essay, Taking NRx to the next level:

… the attention, a lot of which was in a negative light, may have been overwhelming and he wanted his own personal ‘exit’ from the movement he created. That’s understandable, especially when what starts out as a hobby begins to consume your life, …

As they say, the spotlight burns, even if it’s a relatively small bulb.

After a fruitful 2013 & early 2014 of lots of media coverage and debate, NRx seems to have fallen back into obscurity. With the exception of this recent story of Moldbug being booted from a conference, which even made it on Breitbart and Slate, there haven’t been any NRx stories on any large sites. But from conversations I have online, a surprisingly large number of people know about NRx – probably from the attention the movement received in the past few years, but the momentum has waned. Maybe in a ‘strange loop’ of fate the coverage will breathe new life into NRx, especially given that coverage and general online sentiment is siding with Moldbug – something that NRx isn’t used to seeing from the media.