HBD-as-Destiny Thesis (part 5 of predicting series)

Pinterest Raises $150M at $12 billion valuation That so obvious, inevitable web 2.0 ‘bubble’ just refuses to burst. Valuations refuse to fall despite so many pundits predicting they would. The past seven or so years, every single thing that the media called a bubble, they got wrong. That includes the post-2008 bull market, Facebook stock,… Continue reading HBD-as-Destiny Thesis (part 5 of predicting series)

Defending Postmodernism

In an earlier post, perhaps I was too hard on postmodernism. From Jordan Peterson: He says they don’t have gratitude, presumably directed at millennials who are being brainwashed with postmodernism but unaware of it, but also directed at the postmodernists themselves, who are doing the brainwashing. Regarding socioeconomic outcomes, in agreement with Peterson, the postmodernist… Continue reading Defending Postmodernism

Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

My approach is respectful and sincere, and rooted in my love of truth. While I do think that many college students are prone to over-theorizing and zealous, hot-headed action, I don’t see it as a phenomenon specifically associated with postmodern thinkers. I also believe that Postmodern theorists, including Foucault and Derrida, are largely on the… Continue reading Jordan Peterson and Postmodernism

Is Free Trade worse than Communism?

The crux of his argument is that communism is superior to free markets, because the latter necessitates the forcible migration of people, thus dissolving families, nations, and communities. For example, if a Mexican in Mexico earns $10/hour to build a house and an American earns $30/hour, under globalization and free trade it’s advantageous for the… Continue reading Is Free Trade worse than Communism?