The Writing Boom

First, the grim statics of writing for publication, which I’m sure every author is aware of: The 10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing Thinking of Self-Publishing Your Book in 2013? Here’s What You Need to Know This passage stood out: 1. The number of books being published every year has exploded. Bowker reports that over… Continue reading The Writing Boom

How a person with an SAT score of a 1000 writes

An SAT score of 1000 on the post-1995 test is unimpressive, corresponding to an IQ of around 100. Most people who score that low (either on an IQ test or on the SAT) keep it private. According to those celebrity SAT lists you see everywhere, even most actors score higher than that, yet the author… Continue reading How a person with an SAT score of a 1000 writes

STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

The essay Who’s the alpha male now, bitches? got me thinking – not about the subject matter of angst-ridden young adults and mass shootings, but the inimitable eloquence of the writing style itself. The precision and skill of how the words were chosen and arranged to make the essay informative yet galvanizing. So, is STEM… Continue reading STEM vs. Liberal Arts: Which is Harder?

IQ and Writing

It’s almost a truism that people who dismiss IQ tend to sound really stupid, or at the very least, intellectually dishonest in the process. To the left, IQ is either meaningless or redefined to only measure the skills that they deem to be important, while other more concrete skills such as memorization or learning ability… Continue reading IQ and Writing