Speaking Too Soon Again

Everyone does it – speaking too soon, calling the top too early, predicting a bubble or crisis where none exists, etc. Josh Brown is the latest. Let’s see…on the very week he wrote this blog post, Air B&B secured a funding at a mind-blowing $10 billion valuation. So I guess the bursting of the rich… Continue reading Speaking Too Soon Again

More Evidence Bigger is Better

More evidence big business, not small business, is the driver of the U.S. economy : American Dream Peddlers Lax federal oversight allowed lenders to repeatedly make bad loans to small businesses under a government program that has cost taxpayers $1.3 billion since 2000 on defaulted loans, a Dayton Daily News investigation found. Since the beginning… Continue reading More Evidence Bigger is Better

IQ and SAT Scores as a Solution to the Student Loan Crisis

From the WSJ: Job Hunting? Dig Up Those Old SAT Scores In the smartist era -an era of perpetually rising stocks, of a hyper-meritocracy, of hyper-globalization, of hyper-capitalism, of super-productivity and super-efficiency- never before have the economic premiums of being smart been so great, or the disadvantages of being average been so grave and intractable.… Continue reading IQ and SAT Scores as a Solution to the Student Loan Crisis

A Case Against Secular Stagnation

The secular stagnation theory has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. From Wikipedia: Economists have asked whether the low economic growth rate in the developed world leading up to and following the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 was due to secular stagnation. For example, economist Paul Krugman wrote in September 2013:… Continue reading A Case Against Secular Stagnation

In Praise of the Contrarian Blogging Movement

As we explain in the intro page, the contrarian blogging movement gained momentum following the financial crisis and the election of Obama in retaliation to the perceived incompetence and political correctness of the prevailing political and media hegemony. Contrarian blogging and journalism covers the entire political spectrum and consists of a combination of a rejection… Continue reading In Praise of the Contrarian Blogging Movement

A Nation of Crybabies

When the left is not predicting doom, they are pointing fingers – common targets being the fed, the rich, Washington and ‘greedy’ employers that refuse to pay their employees a ‘livable wage’ for the job of inquiring patrons about wanting fries to go with their burger. They hate success and America’s exceptionalism, so anything that… Continue reading A Nation of Crybabies

The Daily View: Inflation, Peter Schiff, and QE

Peter Schiff and Josh Barrow are right to varying degrees as to the cause of rising prices, but Peter Schiff is wrong about the solutions or the economic implications. Rising prices, including pain at the pump, helps the economy by increasing consumer spending which goes into GDP. We have bifurcated inflation of greater than CPI… Continue reading The Daily View: Inflation, Peter Schiff, and QE