Still Not a Bubble (in Bay Area Real Estate)

Tiny Home in Palo Alto Sells for $1.75M

Bay Area real estate it still not a bubble though, as much as the left wishes it were. Prices are surging due to limited supply, huge demand from rich foreigners and newly minted tech millionaires & billionaires, and the fact Silicon Valley is the center of the universe right now.

Charles Murray and others agree that the the economy and society is and will continue to be stratified by IQ, as what some could call Social Darwinism 2.0 or the high-IQ aristocracy.

Still no recession in technology:

What crisis? Wealth inequality still not hurting the economy, despite the left’s pleas that it should or is.

High-IQ, rich people will keep getting richer whether it’s through web 2.0, stocks, or real estate.