Two More Setbacks For The Left (Brian Williams & Global Warming Scandal)

A bad week for the libs: Global warming scandal and Brian Williams’ Iraq fabrications.

The liberal media is losing credibility among the millennials, and the Brian Williams scandal is just another blow to the left as sites like Reddit and 4chan gain popularity. Whether it’s storing distasteful nude selfies on icloud, fabricating global warming data, or making up a fake Iraq war story, the left thought they could get away with their lascivious, impertinent behavior with impunity- until now. Social media, web 2.0, and the unfettered dissemination of information is shaming the heretics and heathens among us. If you have something to hide, there is nowhere to hide. You will be found out, and prevaricating will only make things worse – because once the information is out there, you cannot try to undo the past and maintain any semblance of credibility.`In 2003 Barbra Streisand, a liberal, learned this the hard way in what is known as the Streisand Effect.

Global warming is just another conduit for the left to wage their war on capitalism, the rich, and free markets. They want society to regress to a more primitive state where everyone is closer to being equal, even if makes everyone worse off. It was never about science. It’s all about advancing a far-left, anti-technology ideology.

That ice floe with the polar bear is analogous to a liberal on slowly melting ice floe of credibility.

And finally, a shout-out to Josh Brown, a ‘liberal’ who gets it:


The left cares more about wealth spreading than wealth creating.