The Great Zerohedge Disappointment

It just dawned that the people who have been reading Zerohedge in anticipation of the next crisis have been wasting their time for the past six years (over 2000 days). Think about that: Six years of refreshing Zerohedge – sometimes multiple times a day – for that headline that is supposed to precipitate the next 2008 or 1929 – but only to come up empty-handed every time, like Sisyphus rolling the bolder up the hill over and over. With fancy graphs and clickbait headlines, Tyler Dangles the carrot of crisis before readers, but it’s never enough, because graphs and hype alone can’t make a crisis – one must actually have underlying fundamental weakness in the US economy, and the only weakness is in the imaginations of the people who seek crisis, looking for any excuse – however small – for the market to crash. Right now the crisis-seeking left is pinning their hopes on Greece presaging another 2011 or 2008, but we’ve seen this movie before. Greece has been a melodrama since 2010. The first time around, the pundits said Greece would pull the rest of Europe and the world into a crisis, but with the market indexes at record highs, so much for that. Like Russia and Ebola, Greece is just another molehill turned into a mountain by the doom and gloom liberal media. Meanwhile, the fundamentals of the US economy, despite all of the whining about wealth inequality, low paying jobs and debt, are still strong. There are probably a lot of people who read Zerohedge for the informational value, but to many it’s just another form of ‘crisis porn’, except it never delivers said crisis – just lots of graphs, intimations of crisis, and other ‘foreplay’.