A Nation of Crybabies

When the left is not predicting doom, they are pointing fingers – common targets being the fed, the rich, Washington and ‘greedy’ employers that refuse to pay their employees a ‘livable wage’ for the job of inquiring patrons about wanting fries to go with their burger. They hate success and America’s exceptionalism, so anything that… Continue reading A Nation of Crybabies

The Daily View: Inflation, Peter Schiff, and QE

Peter Schiff and Josh Barrow are right to varying degrees as to the cause of rising prices, but Peter Schiff is wrong about the solutions or the economic implications. Rising prices, including pain at the pump, helps the economy by increasing consumer spending which goes into GDP. We have bifurcated inflation of greater than CPI… Continue reading The Daily View: Inflation, Peter Schiff, and QE

Paul Krugman Still An Idiot

Krugman on Bill Moyers Sigh, another ‘us vs. them’ article to incite class warfare. Let’s look at the facts. While some CEOs do make 100x the average worker, these are extreme outliers; the average CEO pay for a small business is only $200-400k, or about 5-10% of the most extreme pay. From http://chiefexecutive.net/how-much-does-the-average-ceo-really-earn In 2011,… Continue reading Paul Krugman Still An Idiot

Robot Jobs For The Future

Noah Writes: But if robots are to blame, then Piketty is right, and labor’s share will never bounce back…leaving some kind of radical redistribution as the only option for preventing mass human misery. That is not an outcome that conservatives would favor. Is it really that bleak? Or are we just falling for the latest… Continue reading Robot Jobs For The Future

The Daily View 4/16/2014

The SF Housing Crisis It’s only a housing crisis because the left says it is, just like we’re still supposed to be an economic crisis even though that ended five years ago. The left is drawn to crisis like moths to light. If no actual crisis exists, they’ll fabricate one. Rents keep going up due… Continue reading The Daily View 4/16/2014

A Solution in Need of a Problem

Robert Shiller Actually Has A Solution Exploding US Inequality He’s contriving a solution for a non-existent problem. If we wait until income inequality is much more severe, we will have a whole class of new superrich who will probably feel entitled to their wealth and will have the means to defend their interest. That’s already… Continue reading A Solution in Need of a Problem