The New Mainstream Media

As I’ve mentioned before, there are three ‘great debates’ raging online now: the debate about economics and automation, the debate over college and whether or not it’s worth it, and the SJW/gamergate one, which is related to the ongoing online implosion of the SJW movement. The SJWs are losing their war on Gamergate that is being waged on sites like Twitter, Hackernews, Reddit, 8chan, and 4chan. NRX, HBD and Red Pill are more popular then ever, with thousands of members dispensing empirical based reality in refutation to political correctness. From Scott to Mike, to Vox Day, Roosh, and Aaron, the biggest players in the ‘alt right’ have audiences that match or even exceed the mainstream media – they are becoming the mainstream, and there is nothing the left can do about it.

Here is an example of an imgur post in regard to college tuition, which is one of the three debate topics, that went viral.

Even better, a meme about the left’s hypocrisy of preaching racial ‘tolerance’ yet at the same time being judgmental about race:

The fact that it went viral is further evidence of how the left is losing the culture wars online, at least.

But literally every conversation I’ve had with them somehow loops back to me being white and how I don’t understand the “real world” because of my skin.

SO and I can go a whole weekend at my parents talking about food, football, and family and just normal conversation.

We can’t go 15 mins at SOs family without talking about my whiteness in one way or another.

tl;dr – My skin color is constantly talked about bc im white. My SOs skin color is never talked about bc she’s black.

Whether it’s about race or carbon emissions, liberals are hypocrites.

Occasionally PC crap like this will go viral, but the commenters, who tend to be smarter than average, correctly point out that a private business should have the right to refuse service to anyone. Unfortunately, the state is impugning on this fundamental right to refuse service, with recent a example being a Colorado Supreme court ruling that a bakery cannot refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple. If the left wants their separation from church and state, how about separating business from state as compromise?