Nothing about America’s Healthcare System Makes Sense

Amazing how much health insurance stocks have gone up over the past decade. Humana stock for example:

We don’t have healthcare in America, it’s more like sick care. Healthcare implies that people are getting better, but no one is getting better. No one is being cured, just having symptoms managed. Hundreds of billions, possibly as much as $1.1 trillion, spent annually treating chronic diseases, mostly for people 40 or older. 75% of healthcare spending is for chronic diseases. Companies are paying the bill for this, but because they are so profitable that somehow wages are able to rise despite being billed so much for insurance. It’s like people need to see the doctor for every possible ailment, paid for by employers. Hardly anyone is actually paying for this stuff out of pocket. This is also why Brits actually pay more for healthcare despite the NHS, because taxes are higher and wages are lower (so American workers come out way ahead despite not having ‘universal healthcare’). Clearly, the money to pay for all these chronic diseases is coming from somewhere. So much about this makes no sense.

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