Post-Covid: More of the Same

Winners and Losers: The Global Economy After COVID The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world economy in ways that will be debated by pundits and future historians for decades to come. Yet, as hard as it is to predict a disrupted future accurately, the pandemic (not to mention its probable successors) looks likely to produce… Continue reading Post-Covid: More of the Same

Why Declining Population Growth and Sluggish GDP Growth are Not a Concern for Investors

Over the past few months on communities such as Reddit and Hacker News I have seen investors express concern about the implications of falling US population growth as it pertains to future stock market returns, in that declining or sluggish US population growth will hurt returns going forward. I think such fears are unsupported by… Continue reading Why Declining Population Growth and Sluggish GDP Growth are Not a Concern for Investors

The Alpha Weakness

From Vox Day The Alpha Weakness I would seem as if this an indirect dig at Trump. Vox has repeatedly called Trump an alpha. Vox came to the same realization as I did, which is that Trump was not that effective of a leader, but the difference is he is only coming to that realization… Continue reading The Alpha Weakness

Today’s Bitcoin Idiots

I was going to do a politics or finance post but making fun of BItcoin is more fun. Today’s Bitcoin Idiots: Mike Saylor, not to be confused for the other Sailer (Steve), who is not an idiot. Mr. Saylor sunk another $400 million into Bitcoin with borrowed money: MicroStrategy Announces Proposed Private Offering of $400… Continue reading Today’s Bitcoin Idiots

Wuhan Lab Leak Theory (don’t expect closure if a leak)

The S&P 500 keeps going up, making new highs every week or every other week. At the same time, Bitcoin keeps falling. The gap between Bitcoin performance vs stock market performance keeps widening as I predicted. Same for GameStop, which also keeps going up despite the media predicting in Jan-Feb that it would crash and… Continue reading Wuhan Lab Leak Theory (don’t expect closure if a leak)

The Daiy View 6/4/2021

Saw this story going viral: Google removes its head of diversity strategy and research after an antisemitic blog post surfaces. To Google’s credit, they only reassigned him instead of firing him. After the Damore fiasco and the bad press and large settlement that followed, they realized that wokeness is not without its potential costs. Several… Continue reading The Daiy View 6/4/2021

Reversals between the ‘left’ and the ‘right’

Donald Trump won in 2016 by focusing on economics and immigration–and in spite of ignoring or relegating ‘culture war’ issues such as abortion, drug legalization, gay marriage, or the ‘separation of church and state’ to the back burner–consistently maintained a very approval rating among conservatives, at around 90-95% approval, even after leaving office. This suggests… Continue reading Reversals between the ‘left’ and the ‘right’