The Daiy View 6/4/2021

Saw this story going viral: Google removes its head of diversity strategy and research after an antisemitic blog post surfaces.

To Google’s credit, they only reassigned him instead of firing him. After the Damore fiasco and the bad press and large settlement that followed, they realized that wokeness is not without its potential costs.

Several leading Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Stop Antisemitism, tweeted that Bobb should be fired.

The good ol’ “Simon Wiesenthal Center,” the unelected 4th branch of government to monitor internet speech. Thank god we have the ADL and the SPLC to tell us how to think and whom not to associate with…we would be lost without them. The reason so many people, liberals and conservatives alike, dislike the ADL and related groups has nothing to do with antisemitism, which has become so all-encompassing to to include any criticism of Israel by any even marginally public figure, but rather the unearned, undeserved power of these groups wield. But also the hypocrisy of preaching the virtues tolerance, immigration, and diversity for America, in so far as such diversity and immigration does not also extend within the borders of Israel.

Forget Edward Snowden. Forget the NSA or ‘warrantless surveillance’. Twitter is the new surveillance state. Anything potentially incriminating, no matter how old, can be dredged up and used against you. Anything posted can be immortalized in screenshots or archived pages long after deleted by its creator.

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Much of this stitching is probably motivated by envy or some personal grievance. And what may appear as organic widespread public outrage, is often just manufactured by advocacy groups or some tiny minority. Drug dealers are much more likely to snitch on each other than be snitched on by outsiders. The FCC got 1,300 complains about the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, but this was out of a total of 102 million people who watched, and it would not be surprising if many of those complaints were on behalf of an organization or automated instead of by individuals. In other words, a tiny, tiny percentage were so offended as to be compelled to take further action than simply not watch it. Regarding the Capitol Hill protests again, many of those arrested were turned in by family members or ex-girlfriends, thanks large part due to attendees posting about it on social media beforehand (really stupid mistake!).

Eric tweeted:

Under Biden, who exactly is going to be purging whom?