Wuhan Lab Leak Theory (don’t expect closure if a leak)

The S&P 500 keeps going up, making new highs every week or every other week. At the same time, Bitcoin keeps falling. The gap between Bitcoin performance vs stock market performance keeps widening as I predicted. Same for GameStop, which also keeps going up despite the media predicting in Jan-Feb that it would crash and not recover, yet here it is above $250. So that’s 3-3 for my predictions, which is pretty good.

Over the past few months, I have observed that a sort of despondency has set in. It seems like there is a lot of despair and dissatisfaction. Our politicians, culture, institutions, etc. are unable to provide the inspiration, meaning, and fulfillment people are seeking. We cannot blame Covid…the the over-hyped pandemic is already in its final innings. It’s not BLM and other unrest: that ended months ago, predictably after Biden entered office. It’s not the economy: the data keeps being strong even if joblessness is higher than usual. I think both sides want more: the left wants free healthcare and student loan debt forgiveness, but it’s always out of reach. The dissent/alt-right have to watch whatever scant progress was made by Trump be undone, and the feeling of powerlessness of not being able to do anything about it. The mainstream/alt-lite/center/middle, who can keep repeating the same talking points and make money no matter who is in charge, are in the most enviable position of all.

The Wuhan lab leak hypothesis is gaining wider acceptance, and mainstream sources such as even the NYTs and the WSJ are now at least entertaining the possibility, instead of either ignoring or dismissing it.

And just over the past week there was the Fauci email dump and the Vanity Fair story. Both of these confirmed what everyone but the mainstream media and the Biden Administration had already suspected but could not voice for fear of being called racist or being silenced: that the virus likely originated from a lab leak. Last year people got banned from social media for calling it a lab leak or for suggesting that the virus may have been modified in some way as to make it more potent. The mendacity of these social networks knows no bounds.

Biden set a 90-day deadline for more details about Covid’s origins. I predict it will be ‘inconclusive’ even if the evidence is otherwise obvious. If it were determined that Covid originated from the Wuhan lab and that the Chinese government covered it up or was somehow complicit, such information would almost certainty remain clandestine, as the economic consequences stemming from the sudden deterioration of US-China relations would be bad, especially with midterms and the 2024 election coming up, and having Trump, who originally blamed China and was pilloried by the media for doing so, be vindicated doesn’t help Biden either. For this reason, even with definitive proof, Biden will never publicly lay the blame on China in the same way George W. Bush unequivocally blamed 911 on Al Qaeda.

Why the media and the Biden administration are doing a 180 is harder to answer. Maybe it is damage control, or so that the ‘official narrative’ can have controlled burn instead of a crash landing. So the narrative has changed from ‘definitely not a lab leak’ to now ‘inconclusive’. And with Trump gone, Fauci, having served his main function of being a ‘voice of authority’ against Trump during the 2020 election, the media and political elite will begin to distance themselves from him, until finally throwing him under the bus, which will be the final arc of his career from ‘America’s doctor’ to now America’s face of corruption.

One of the the most frustrating thing about Covid is that we will probably never get to the bottom of it. All we have, and probably can ever can expect, are just theories and hunches. So either an animal will be found as the vector, or silence, and even then, there will still be doubt. Like the JFK assassination, there will be the ‘official/approved’ narrative, full of holes or incomplete, and anything that deviates from it will be relegated to the realm of ‘conspiratorial nonsense’.