Link Round-up Edition

Column: Donald Trump’s biggest flaw: He’s not that bright

He taps out tweets that flagrantly contradict what he tweeted when Barack Obama was president, making himself look ridiculous. When he holds forth on policy issues, it’s excruciatingly apparent he has no idea what he’s talking about.

So apparent that he cannot list a single example…

The evidence of his dimwittedness flows as continuously and voluminously as the Mississippi River. His tweets are studded with misspellings, random capitalizations and mystifying quotation marks.

Yeah, like people turn to Twitter expecting grammatically perfect sentences.

Trump’s low approval rating masks his support among likely voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

In October, for example, 44 percent of 2016 voters said they approved of Trump’s performance in office, compared with 37 percent of the general population. Among Republicans, 82 percent of voters approved of Trump in October, compared with 75 percent of all Republicans. (Graphic: Some 85 percent of those who voted for Trump in 2016 said they would do so again, the poll found.

This deals a major blow to the left, now that Trump’s impeachment is looking increasingly unlikely, who are now hinging their hopes on Trump’s polls falling. Despite the media’s insistence of how bad Trump is or how trump is failing, his supporters are as loyal as ever. Issues such as the NFL kneeling controversy further strengthens Trump’s support on culture issues, even if progress in terms of policy has been slow.

This what the the liberal media does not understand about American politics: polities is identity, and issues are secondary. The media thinks it’s the other way around, that people are swayed by issues first and identity second.

Is Hillary Clinton The Jewish Scapegoat Of Our Time?

Social theorist Zygmant Bauman, who had to flee Poland twice — first from the Nazis, then the Polish Communist Party — has written about the importance of understanding “the Jew as a concept” in Western thought. Conceptual “Jews” are not identical with real or “empirical Jews,” which is why anti-Semitic memes can attach themselves to anyone, even non-Jews.

So anything can be construed as a dog whistle for antisemitism. This is a perfect example of postmodernism.

cringe-worthy web comic that went viral on Imgur for some reason. Running Linux on an old computer does not require one dissemble the computer. All you do is install Linux on a thumb drive and then boot from the thumb drive. Just another example of how feminism and STEM doesn’t mix.

Ann Coulter using tragedy to virtue signal and attack Trump: Ann Coulter Attacks President Trump On Texas Massacre

This is the problem with high-IQ people like Ann Coulter and politics..they think politics is driven by issues and campaign promises; rather, it’s driven by tribalism and sentiment. That’s why Trump’s support is so strong and why waging the culture war is so effective for the right but less so for the left. You would think that after writing about politics for 30 years she would have figured this out by now, but apparently this is lost on her.

Symbolic gestures such as Pence walking out of a football game resonates much more with voters than policy. That’s why guys like Vox Day are wrong when he says Trump won’t get reelected if he doesn’t build the wall.

Here are some more tweets of her succumbing to class warfare rhetoric:

The comments in these tweets eviscerate her. Yeah, Wall St. tends to always win. Buy stocks. That is the Nietzsche master morality. Don’t be a slave who whines about stuff he cannot control. The top 10% wealthiest of Americans–which includes upper-middle class professionals and entrepreneurs, not just ‘Wall st. elites’–hold the bulk of stocks. When stock and home prices rise, many people benefit, not just the very wealthiest. For example, rising home prices means people have more home equity, and people sometimes borrow against this equity, and such borrowing goes into the economy in the form of increased consumer spending, but also increased home renovation, landscaping and other work that creates jobs. But one can argue that this is unsustainable, as we saw in the 2006-2008 housing bust.