No, the far-left and the far-right are not the same

This is going viral on /r/jordanpeterson, getting over 760 votes:

Although Dr. Peterson condemns extremism on both sides, it’s obvious to anyone who listens to his lectures and speeches he’s not the centrist some think he is. The middle column suggests no value system, but Peterson has a right-of-center Christian traditionalist value system. The far-left and far-right are not opposite sides of the same coin and this is an example of the moral equivalence fallacy of equating right-wing extremism with left-wing extremism. The examples on the left are real, but the ones on the right are mostly figments of the illustrator’s immigration. This backfires by creating a false caricature/idealization of the far-right, that plays into the hands of the far-left. Not once has any employer said “I only employ whites”…ever. Even during the Jim Crow era blacks were put to use, and in fact it’s believed the minimum wage was established to prevent employers from hiring blacks, who were cheaper than whites. Do you really want to be the low-T guy in the middle bottom-most row who is oblivious to individual differences? Issues such as immigration and Islamic terrorism are a big deal and addressing them requires some degree of racial awareness. The bemused bald guy on the lower-most left, presumably a skinhead, again, is extremely rare. One is much more likely to encounter the angry SJW. The right column, forth-down implies that POC and whites are separate but equal, but this is wrong. White campus speakers who espouse anything that remotely deviates from a left-wing agenda are routinely shouted-down, whereas left-wing activists are allowed to advocate violence against whites with impunity.