Debunking the 90% Eisenhower Income Tax Myth

From Unz: The Trump Bubble The author, Mike Whiney, cites a study that the US economy did better when income tax rates for top earners were at 80-90% during the Eisenhower administration, compared to around 34% today. “A study from the Congressional Research Service — the non-partisan research office for Congress — shows that “there… Continue reading Debunking the 90% Eisenhower Income Tax Myth

Why Choose Pacifism

Pacifism is not about giving up or conceding – it’s about perspective, in picking and choosing your battles wisely, as well as maximizing one’s present situation with the resources at his or her disposal. The failure of conservatism over the past 40 years to halt–let alone reverse–leftism, is evidence of the failure of activism as… Continue reading Why Choose Pacifism

Trump and the Alt-Right: A Return to ‘Localism’

The alt-right is new, but it’s intellectually descended from the John Birch Society and Pat Buchanan brand of conservatism, which failed to gained wide acceptance. It ended when Reagan, who promoted a message and policy of unity, won twice by significant margins, changing the course of American national politics from one of identity to one… Continue reading Trump and the Alt-Right: A Return to ‘Localism’

Inaction and Indifference as Rebellion

Activism includes but is not limited to telling people what to do or what to believe. By that definition, mainstream liberalism and conservatism is activist. There is an authoritarian and conformist tone to it that implores the subject to do something; for example, for the left, ‘you must spread your wealth and check your privilege’,… Continue reading Inaction and Indifference as Rebellion

Idiocracy in America? Probably not

Anatoly Karlin’s article A Short History of the Third Millennium went massively viral, being read by thousands and getting almost 200 comments. Online, especially, there is considerable interest in ‘weird’, speculative topics such as futurology and existentialism, and these are issues that may have dramatic ramifications for the future of humanity: is radical life extension… Continue reading Idiocracy in America? Probably not

Why Choose Traditional Publishing Over Self-Publishing

The Two Choices, by M.T. White If you have the talent, something to say, and are persistent enough but don’t have a large brand, traditional publishing (which includes indie publishers) is almost always the way to go. Just do a Google search for almost any traditionally published fiction title and you’ll see hundreds or even… Continue reading Why Choose Traditional Publishing Over Self-Publishing

Black Lives Commit More Crime

From Marginal Revolution Black Lives Matter As many have already noted in the comments, Tyler ignores how blacks also commit disproportionate more crimes than whites and are more likely to engage in deadly force against officers. Related: There is No Systemic ‘War on Blacks’ by Police From the comments: Do White Police Officers Unfairly Target… Continue reading Black Lives Commit More Crime

The Sweet, Boring Middle

Don’t read Marginal Revolution much anymore-find it kinda boring (too much economics minutiae and trivia)-but that reflects a deficiency of my own attention span and intelligence to appreciate it, not the inability of Tyler Cowen to be interesting. And evidently, his website is very interesting judging by the immense amount of traffic it gets, so… Continue reading The Sweet, Boring Middle