Idiocracy in America? Probably not

Anatoly Karlin’s article A Short History of the Third Millennium went massively viral, being read by thousands and getting almost 200 comments. Online, especially, there is considerable interest in ‘weird’, speculative topics such as futurology and existentialism, and these are issues that may have dramatic ramifications for the future of humanity: is radical life extension… Continue reading Idiocracy in America? Probably not

Simulation Hypothesis: Some Thoughts

Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it The simulation hypotheses is an interesting thought experiment that has received more media coverage than is justified by the paucity of science that supports it. As most people already know, the Bostrom thought experiment is as… Continue reading Simulation Hypothesis: Some Thoughts

Is Your Job Next?

The economic rules have changed since 2008, the old plan of gainful employment and fulfillment has been replaced by a new plan of ennui, anomie, anxiety and emptiness – a deterministic world where everything is pre-planned and predictable up until the moment it happens, where we’re all preordained to mediocrity. The question is what happens… Continue reading Is Your Job Next?