The rise of ‘concern liberalism’ and the decline of ‘identity liberalism’

As more evidence of how the far-left is losing the war of words and ideas, many people, including those identify as the ‘left’, are rejecting how the liberal media caricatures its targets. We’re not seeing an anti-left or anti-right backslash but, since 2013, rather a backlash against ‘low information’ discourse, but it just so happens… Continue reading The rise of ‘concern liberalism’ and the decline of ‘identity liberalism’

Why the left is losing, as summarized by a Reddit post

If the left wants to know why they are losing, they need look no further than sites like Reddit and 4chan, as the brilliant Reddit post bellow demonstrates why the far-left is so unpopular right now, and why if the left persists in their ways they will continue to lose both elections and the hearts… Continue reading Why the left is losing, as summarized by a Reddit post

It’s Not Okay

This is pretty funny…there is a backlash by some Wait But Why readers, most of whom are on the ‘left’, who didn’t agree with Tim Urban’s optimistic assessment that ‘America would be okay’ after Trump winning, that Trump’s inexperience isn’t a big deal, and that most Trump supporters are not ‘stupid, racist, xenophobic fucks’. Some… Continue reading It’s Not Okay

How the GOP has evolved

This ‘unpopular puffin’ meme went massively viral on Reddit and Imgur a couple days ago and shows how both the ‘right’ and general pubic sentiment has evolved from being ‘pro life’, to the realization that not all life is equal and that some life creates more economic value than others, and that policy should help… Continue reading How the GOP has evolved

Jobless America, Part 2

Part 1 For anyone who follows the news, stories of the improving job market are becoming increasingly common, such as how jobless claims are falling: Jobless Claims in U.S. Decline to Lowest Level in Four Decades …or how the unemployment rate is low: U.S. unemployment falls to 4.9% before election – Nov. 4, 2016 As… Continue reading Jobless America, Part 2

Jobless America

From inefficiencies arise opportunities. New York City (and probably the rest of America) circa the late 80’s had more crime but also more opportunity for everyone. Borrowing, real estate, and stock prices were dirt-cheap and entrepreneurial opportunities were abound. You could get a job in your early 20’s, borrow money to buy real estate and… Continue reading Jobless America

Small Criticisms of Trump’s Economic Platform

Although I am trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, there are some problems with his economic vision thus far: First, Trump is falling into the stimulus trap of creating short-term results at long-term expense: Economist Explains Why Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Be A Disaster For The Economy Trump’s infrastructure plan is another… Continue reading Small Criticisms of Trump’s Economic Platform

Holiness Spirals

We’re living in an age of hyper/militant morality – a combination of holiness spirals and virtue signaling, to the extreme. But at the same time, it’s juxtaposed with cultural depravity, which makes the whole thing kinda confusing. Consider the Trump Access Hollywood tape, in which I correctly predicted that public outrage would fall short of… Continue reading Holiness Spirals

Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 6

In part 5 of the series on Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, I outline the table of contents of the section on intellectualism. Intellectualism is how you become a part of the process and the national debate, rather than merely a spectator. It’s a common misconception that to be ingratiated you must conform, be ordinary, but… Continue reading Wealth, Intellectualism, and Individualism, Part 6

Big Spender Donald Trump

Trump’s massive spending proposals are causing not just ripples but tsunamis in the financial markets, particularly treasury bonds: $1 trillion gone: The global bond market has only seen a rout this bad twice in 20 years US debt surpass $20 trillion in under two months with Trump: Marc Faber Donald Trump’s presidency will be powerless… Continue reading Big Spender Donald Trump