Why the left is losing, as summarized by a Reddit post

If the left wants to know why they are losing, they need look no further than sites like Reddit and 4chan, as the brilliant Reddit post bellow demonstrates why the far-left is so unpopular right now, and why if the left persists in their ways they will continue to lose both elections and the hearts and minds of millennials:

The post was heavily up-voted, indicating considerable agreement. It’s also worth noting that the sub is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a ‘right-wing’ sub, rather one that is neutral or slightly left-leaning such as /r/news.

The left sets the boundaries of ‘acceptable discourse’ and anyone who deviates from them is labeled a racist (a word that has been diluted to such an extent that it could apply to everyone), or worse, possibly loses their career, job, or livelihood. No one is safe, including other liberals, who also find themselves at the mercy of the SJW-left and their inquisition. The left will turn on each other as readily as they go after the ‘right’. The far-left also believes in ‘transitive guilt’, meaning, or example, that if someone supports the alt-right, and David Duke supports the alt-right, then that person also supports David Duke and thus endorses everything David Duke believes in, too.

This blog, between 2014 and 2015, was correct in predicting how Reddit and 4chan were leading the post-2013 SJW-backlash, that ultimately culminated in Trump winning and Hillary losing. The left (and by ‘left’, I mean the SJW-left, not classical liberals) has yet to fully digest just how unpopular their ideology is right now, as if their YouTube videos (such as the Ghostbusters remake trailer, one of the most poorly-received videos on Youtube ever, or Anita Sarkasian’s videos) being inundated with down-votes and negative comments isn’t evidence enough. But they can’t reform, because their ideology is in many ways a religion (or as some have noted, a substitute for the religion they were deprived of growing up), and because they have so much intellectually and spiritually invested in it, that to recant would be a repudiation of their purpose and existence. Essentially, the far-left are victims of the sunk-cost fallacy: the more someone invests in something, the harder it is to abandon it.