Big Spender Donald Trump

Trump’s massive spending proposals are causing not just ripples but tsunamis in the financial markets, particularly treasury bonds:

$1 trillion gone: The global bond market has only seen a rout this bad twice in 20 years

US debt surpass $20 trillion in under two months with Trump: Marc Faber

Donald Trump’s presidency will be powerless to prevent U.S. government debt from soaring beyond $20 trillion in under eight weeks, Marc Faber, the publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, told CNBC’s “Street Signs”.

Donald Trump win sparks $1 trillion sell-off in bonds

The All-Powerful Bond Market Is Getting Rocked by Trump
Although this spending will have a high ROI and I predict bonds and tech stocks will recover, even I’m kinda surprised by the grandiosity of Trumps ambitions, despite my support for him. Part of the reason why I and maybe many others are surprised has to do with how Trump framed his campaign (or how we perceived him to be) as an alternative to the back-to-back disappointments of Bush and Obama and the huge deficits they accrued, and now Trump seems to be following in Bush’s footsteps in terms of spending (but with some protectionism and modification of trade deals), and the house republicans who talked tough on debt during Obama’s term will go along.