The SPLC’s War on Reddit and Free Speech

From Black Hole There’s a relevant quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: “He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.” That seems to apply to the SPCL right now, which is shooting itself in the foot and expending… Continue reading The SPLC’s War on Reddit and Free Speech

Reviving the American Dream with ‘Purple Policies’

Harvard professor explains how we can revitalize the American Dream In hopes of reviving those positive trends, Putnam proposed what he calls “purple policies,” which combine conservative and liberal ideas. With the goal of reviving equal opportunity, Putnam advocates for the careful development and reform of programs such as early childhood education, apprenticeships, tutoring, community… Continue reading Reviving the American Dream with ‘Purple Policies’

Millennials and the GOP

When ‘old’ people ascribe labels such as ‘entitled’ or ‘arrogant’ to millennials, it’s because they are used to an economy where people shut-up and did what they were told, and in the pre-globalization era shutting-up and collecting your guaranteed paycheck may have been a good idea. But with the economy becoming more competitive, companies in… Continue reading Millennials and the GOP

Why They Feel Left Out

I sometimes wonder why more conservative bloggers don’t write about existentialist matters, instead writing about political issues as if such issues exist in a vacuum removed from the human condition. How about articles that answer the question if having a high IQ in our increasingly technological society makes some people ‘better’ than others. Or about… Continue reading Why They Feel Left Out

Another Correct Prediction – AirBNB

Another correct prediction: Airbnb raises $1.5B, valuing it at $25.5B Everything keeps going up, the cries of ‘bubble’ ignored. Looking at $80 billion valuation for air BNB (which would make it more valuable than Priceline), $100 billion uber, and $50 billion Snapchat. $50-100 billion seems to be the upper limit, after which the pressure to… Continue reading Another Correct Prediction – AirBNB

Why Personal Finance Has Become So Important To Millennials

With on average of 2000 people online at any given moment (on par with the wildly popular /r/aww) why is Reddit’s /r/personalfinance so popular, as well as 4chan’s business & finance board, ? But it seems like the topic of personal finance, as well as economics and finance, is poplar everywhere online where high-IQ… Continue reading Why Personal Finance Has Become So Important To Millennials

SJWs Eat Their Own

Last week the left had high hopes that they would be able to shutdown Reddit – well, so much for that. On front page of Reddit this afternoon I found zero stories about the shutdown, suggesting that most, if not all, of the locked threads had been reopened as people had gotten on with their… Continue reading SJWs Eat Their Own

Disparate Impact Litigation Hurts Job Seekers, Students, and Employers

Business Can Pay to Train Its Own Work Force One possible solution is cognitive screening – the use of tests such as the Wonderlic, SAT/ACT, or Wechsler to find prospective employees who can learn quickly and have good critical thinking skills (and thus would benefit the most from on-site training for technical tasks. training obviously… Continue reading Disparate Impact Litigation Hurts Job Seekers, Students, and Employers