The SPLC’s War on Reddit and Free Speech

From Black Hole

There’s a relevant quote by Friedrich Nietzsche:

“He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.”

That seems to apply to the SPCL right now, which is shooting itself in the foot and expending unnecessary energy by trying to regulate speech. The SPLC is known for being heavy-handed, ascribing labels like ‘racist’ or ‘hateful’ to groups and individuals that are undeserving of it, simply for holding views that the SPLC opposes. It’s too bad the SPLC, in its tendency to jump the gun, going so far as slandering its targets, is in many ways not much better than than the very extremists it decries.

Hate and disagreement are not mutually inclusive. You can disagree/be offended without the person or group with whom are disagreeing with being ‘hateful’, which is a loaded word, and discretion should be used before throwing such labels around. Maybe instead of a ‘hate list’ it should be a ‘we disagree list’.

The good news is that there is some evidence of a backlash or at least criticism of the SPLC on mainstream sites like Mother Jones (which is certainly not an ‘right wing’ extremist site by any stretch of the imagination), which has criticized the SPLC for ‘casting a net too wide’.

In 2012, the harmless Reddit Men’s Rights sub was snagged by the net because, according to liberal logic, ‘women’s rights’ is always good and ‘men’s rights’ must be bad.

And then there was the incident of the SPLC adding Ben Carson to its ‘extremist’ files. Just a mistake, ya’ know? Things happen.

The SPLC’s decision to label Focus on the Family, a Conservative American non-profit organization, a ‘hate group’ was met with much criticism. From, Isn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center the Real Hate Group?

It should first be recalled that the actual SPLC report was terribly flawed, as I and a number of others pointed out. For example, based on the report, if you state that kids do best when raised by a mom and dad (as opposed to two moms or two dads), you are propagating a known falsehood. Or if you agree with the many therapists and psychologists who argue that a child’s upbringing and early-life experiences (including being sexually abused) play a major role in the development of his or her sexual orientation, you are propagating a known falsehood. The same is true if you claim that hate crime laws could lead to the arresting of pastors who criticize homosexuality (this has already happened in Sweden, England and Canada), or if you argue that it would be detrimental to the military to have gays serving openly. Yes, according to the SPLC, disseminating such views officially constitutes “hate.”

So in other words, if the SPLC disagrees with your views, however benign they may be, you’re officially spreading hate and should be suppressed; first amendment be damned.

And of course, if the left really cared about stopping extremism, they would focus their attention on Islam (as some brave liberals like Harris and Dawkins have done), not the Confederate flag. More people have died of Islamic extremism (2,780 due to 911 alone) than all of white ‘extremism’ combined. Instead, like how the left denies the science of HBD and IQ while promoting global warming science, the left picks and chooses the extremism they wish to believe in. Even vulgar rap music has indirectly killed people by inspiring inner city youths to act out the crimes glorified by the lyrics, yet not a peep from the left to censor it.

And finally, these ‘coon’ threads/communities are only a tiny fraction of the enormous Reddit community.

What’s next? Does the SPLC want to wiretap our homes to screen for possible hate speech, sending pertinent information to our employers so we all lose our jobs? Would that make then happy?

Elton John, in his infamous duet with Eminiem, rebuked the pressure group GLAAD in favor of artistic freedom. Now we need people on the ‘left’ to kick the SPLC to the curb, for the sake of free speech offline and on.