SJWs Eat Their Own

Last week the left had high hopes that they would be able to shutdown Reddit – well, so much for that. On front page of Reddit this afternoon I found zero stories about the shutdown, suggesting that most, if not all, of the locked threads had been reopened as people had gotten on with their lives. A week ago the media and front page of Reddit was full of stories about Reddit’s alleged ‘implosion’, but the left spoke too soon (as they always do) and the crisis seems to have abated before it even had a chance to begin.

But the public lynching of Ellen Pao continues as the SJWs eat their own. Only as recently as a couple week ago, Ms. Pao was one of their allies as the SJWs gathered in solidarity after she lost her unfounded discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins – only to have the SJWs turn against her, implicating her for the firing Victoria Taylor, as if the SJWs know beyond all reasonable doubt that Ms. Pao personally oversaw it. As big as Reddit seems, it’s only a subsidiary of Conde Nast, which a subsidiary of Advance Publications, Inc., a media conglomerate with over $8 billion in revenues and 25,000 employees, so she is far from the top of the pecking order and it’s possible the decision to fire Victoria Taylor (as well as other unpopular decisions such as putting ads and closing threads) was rendered or prompted by her superior. Perhaps the firing of Victoria Taylor was wholly justified – there’s always that possibility. But it’s hypocritical of the left to blame Ms. Pao when there are possible extenuating circumstances, especially when SJWs, who preach ‘tolerance’, giving the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and ‘open mindedness’, fail to lend such courtesy to Ms. Pao.

This outrage demonstrates ignorance by the left about how business works. Everyday, thousands of people are fired unceremoniously, and as they say, ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’. We may never know why Victoria Taylor was fired, and being that Reddit is a private company, it’s none of our business. Also, (and I’m also directing this to folks on the right who are accusing Pao (or Reddit) of being draconian) Reddit can do what it wants. If the staff want to put advertising or delete threads, it’s entirely within their rights. If a business under its own volition chooses to self-destruct under the stupidity of its management, that’s also within their rights, a notable example being Rolling Stone. Yeah, it sucks for those who are inconvenienced, but when you’re digital sharecropping, the proverbial Sword of Damocles is always present. It’s right there in the TOS – for those those bloggers who host their content on WordPress, YouTube, or Blogger – your account can be deleted at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all. If you want more control, stop using Reddit, buy a domain name and hosting, and host your community on your own domain on your own server. Most of Reddit is open source, so copying the Reddit community structure for your own domain should be fairly straitforward. It’s just weird how I’m defending Ellen Pao, but that’s only because the SJWs are worse.

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