The Daily View: Wealth Inequality and Bond Market Liquidity

Today’s idiot: ‘The problem isn’t that we’ve been slaves to free markets’: Joseph Stiglitz interview Unlike Thomas Piketty, whose recent bestseller Capital in the 21st Century argues that capitalism makes rising inequality inevitable, Stiglitz insists the system can be fixed. ‘Widening and deepening inequality isn’t driven by immutable economic laws,’ he says. ‘A well-functioning market… Continue reading The Daily View: Wealth Inequality and Bond Market Liquidity

Neo-Reaction & Techno-Libertarianism

Recently I got into a debate with some about Neo-Reaction vs. Techno-libertarianism Techno-libertarianism and neo-reaction can compliment each other in that the both oppose democracy and egalitarianism. Techno-libertarianism, as the name suggests, tend to be pro-technology in a context of a free market, and is the ‘position’ that I support. Neo-reaction, which rose to preeminence… Continue reading Neo-Reaction & Techno-Libertarianism

Libs Whining About Tesla Again

Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies Libs complain about crony capitalism only if said companies are successful, such as Tesla or Goldman Sachs, but ignore the failures such as SOlyndra. The left wants the most successful companies to fail, but wants to bailout the losers like General Motors. The… Continue reading Libs Whining About Tesla Again

Malcom Gladwell, Exasperated Idiot

John Paulson, who made his fortune betting against loser homeowners, is donating $400 million to Harvard’s engineering school – a good use of money to help America’s best and the brightest. Malcom Gladwell, who along with Taleb, Ariely, Kahneman and other liberals is famous for his pseudoscience books that downplay individual cognitive exceptionalism, predictably opposed… Continue reading Malcom Gladwell, Exasperated Idiot

Good Tweets, Part 2

Is rising inequality due to an increase in winner-take-all markets? — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) May 29, 2015 Although I’m more partial to the Republican perspective on this issue, Wealth inequality and poverty is something that both sides get wrong to varying degrees, with the left tending to be more wrong the the right. The… Continue reading Good Tweets, Part 2