The Left’s Problem With Science

In an article for Taki Magazine, Jim Goad knocks it out of the park, especially with this paragraph:

They want to eat their Darwin Fish—or, rather, they want to dispose of it and hide all evidence that it ever existed—when faced with the sheer preposterousness of what they’re proposing, which is that human evolution magically stopped and froze at that mystically indeterminate moment when everyone miraculously reached the cognitive finish line at the same time.

According to the left, everyone is born equal (blank slates to be programmed by the state) and should die equal (wealth redistribution). If some people are indeed born better than others, this limits the ability of the nanny state to enforce equal outcomes. And if IQ is biological, stable throughout life, and a predictor of socioeconomic and educational success, this makes liberal social programs intended to boost achievement useless.

Goad continues,

They don’t have any trouble admitting that evolution has rendered these “races” that don’t exist with observable physical differences. In fact, the most egregiously self-hating among them seem to bask in the idea of black physical superiority. They also gloat over the highly eugenic idea of eventual white extinction. When it comes to anything anti-white, they’re about as Darwinian as it gets.

The left believes in survival of the un-fittest, wasting tax-payer dollars taken from productive individuals to be redistributed to the dregs/losers/failures of society. That’s not to say I oppose all taxation, but we need to allocate these pubic resources to individuals who will provide a ROI instead of throwing it into a black hole of useless programs.

The left would not have made a peep about the abortion crime study if the unwanted babies of rich, white parents were linked to crime. Or if Summers said European/Asian men are bad at math & science. In creating these ‘off-limits’ victim groups, whether they be women or certain minorities (Asians don’t count), the liberal thought police is not only one of the greatest affronts to freedom, but intellectual honesty. Even a teacher remarking ‘black and Hispanic kids are disruptive in class’ could be construed as hate speech.

But I think there is starting to be a shift, among some on the ‘neo/pragmatic’ left, to not be so pigheaded about this topic, realizing that they stepped too far, that they can’t believe in evolution and only choose the parts of evolution that aligns with their politics. But the welfare left keeps the pragmatic left in line, preventing the intellectually honest among the left from voicing their observations, as Larry Summers learned the hard way. It’s just such a weird world we live in where we deliberately have to wear blindfolds to the truth and empirical reality.


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