Advice to Ignore

The worst types of people are those who pretend to have your best interests and then spread bad advice either unintentionally or mistakenly, but usually for their own profit and or self-aggrandizement. 1. “Sell your stocks! The US economy is doomed!” Every single doom and gloom prediction since 2008 has been wrong: -predictions of double… Continue reading Advice to Ignore

The Problem With User Contributed Content

Awhile back I discussed how ‘user contributed content’ (UCC) is clogging Google, but I wanted to address the issue again, because it’s a bigger problem than many think, and Google’s response to the problem of content farms may still be inadequate. UCC is like the ‘new spam’…one that is very stealthy but also so commonplace… Continue reading The Problem With User Contributed Content

Gatekeepers and Scarcity Will Always Exist

Errata: In yesterday’s post on NRx, it should have been ‘secession’ instead of ‘succession’ for #3. From tressiemc: The Logic of Stupid Poor People And not intermittently poor or formerly not-poor, but born poor, expected to be poor and treated by bureaucracies, gatekeepers and well-meaning respectability authorities as inherently poor. To be honest, many gatekeepers… Continue reading Gatekeepers and Scarcity Will Always Exist

Heuristics for the Post-2008 World, Part 1

This advice given this in this article captures the ethos of post-2008 era – an era in which IQ, self-determination, intellectual expertise and knowledge are more important than ever, coinciding with the post-2008 decline/obsolescence of collectivism and liberalism, in general. Commentary is below. 1. Ignore 1-star and 5-star reviews of books, hotels and products. The… Continue reading Heuristics for the Post-2008 World, Part 1

‘Shared Narratives’ is not bi-partisanship

Over the past month or so, I’ve discussed ‘shared narratives’ – points of common agreement among smart people, that somewhat unexpectedly bring them together. Is this the same as bi-partisanship? No. The far-right and the far-left (assuming the political spectrum is linear) are opposite to each other on many issues, but an example of a… Continue reading ‘Shared Narratives’ is not bi-partisanship

Reign of Terror Begins: Twitter Bans Milo

Twitter Bars Milo Yiannopoulos in Wake of Leslie Jones’s Reports of Abuse This is unprecedented because it’s the first time Twitter has banned the account of a major public figure for alleged ‘TOS violations’. Usually it’s ‘one strike and you’re out’ for accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, whereas much bigger accounts have a lot… Continue reading Reign of Terror Begins: Twitter Bans Milo

A bloc unified against ‘low information’

Here we see Land linking to Tyler’s article, again, despite Tyler being pro-immigration, pro-open borders, and anti-Brexit. But Tyler is not the only one with these views. Many other liberals share them too, but what makes Tyler special. The Tyler-NRx-rationality diaspora seemed confusing but then I kinda put it all together, as a bloc unified… Continue reading A bloc unified against ‘low information’

Conspiracy Theories

Not much going on…same as usual. The media is like stack of megaphones placed in front a buzzing insect, amplifying the noise until it’s defending, working everyone into a frenzy. Tuning out the sensationalist media hype is the easiest way to not make investing mistakes, as well as live a happier life. There are some… Continue reading Conspiracy Theories