The Tyranny of the Bookish

Saw this re-tweeted by the great Charles Murray: Controlling for confounds, kids' test scores are unrelated to time in school, studying, TV. But reading = big deal — SteveStewartWilliams (@SteveStuWill) May 13, 2015 Perhaps it’s reading books, not grades, parenting, or TV, that is the biggest influence of success at life. It seems in… Continue reading The Tyranny of the Bookish

The Right Concedes the ‘Gay’ Wars

A recent discussion on Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Man, and my observation of how the men’s rights movement doesn’t hold his homosexuality against him got me thinking about how ‘right wing’ values have evolved over the years. I’ll admit it – we, ‘the right’, after a string of victories, including the 1996… Continue reading The Right Concedes the ‘Gay’ Wars