Another prefect trade and forecast

The crypto crash continues like I said two days ago would happen. Having added to my short positions in the $27800-27700 range, I’m already up a lot, as the price is at $26,100 and keeps falling

[Update: With $26k having broke, I closed my second short at $26k today, which I initiated two days ago at $27,800. A perfect trade. ]:

All of the BTC gains from a few day ago from the Grayscale SEC ‘win’ have been totally reversed, like I said would happen. Just like my call two weeks ago when BTC crashed from $29k to $26k, the forecast literally could not have gone better than it has. 2023 has been more more profitable than so far than all of the gains made from 2014-2021 with tech stocks and other stuff. ‘What is the catch’, I am asking myself. Results like this I know are not typical, as the disclaimers say. At some point this will stop working, likely when the candlesticks show the necessary compression, at which time I will close everything out and stop trading.

When one of the smartest people in the world says he is short, you best believe he is going to be right. I am almost never short. I tend to be bullish about stocks and the US economy in general. So if I am bearish, it is for a good reason.

It may not sound like much, but the candle compression/smoothness and the time interval methods (shorting BTC before stock market opens and closing the positions at the closing bell) is the culmination of over a decade of failed attempts. It is analogous to Edison finally finding the right combination of filament that yielded a working lightbulb.

But Kurzweil invented a bunch of stuff, notably the first optical character recognition (OCR) system, and also synthesizers. What is so great about a trading method.

Intellectual property is not necessarily the finished product. A self-driving Tesla is not intellectual property. Instead, it’s all of the scripts and algorithms that makes a self-driving car possible or OCR possible. This can be just a few lines of code, similar to the “Fast inverse square root” method for computer graphics. The most famous songs are instantly recognizable by their opening chords, not the entire composition.

IP lawsuits have been fought over as few as nine lines of code. Authors have been accused of plagiarism for merely lifting a few lines, tarnishing an otherwise original work. This especially holds for music. Artists have been sued for sampling ‘hooks’ for a song. If my trading method was coded as a script , it would be just a dozen lines that tells when to enter/close the positions. A common misconception is that a bigger program is better or more feature is better. What matters is distilling something complex to its essence, not creating needless complexity.