2024 update: Trump and Ramaswarmy

Trump has been indicted for what is the 4th time this year, if anyone is still keeping count. At this point even the liberal media is losing interest, having ‘Trump indictment fatigue’. It’s like, ‘either put the guy behind bars or who cares.’ Only someone like Trump can be charged so many times, yet his lifestyle is otherwise unaffected or unchanged, which is kinda remarkable. Meanwhile someone like Ross Ulbricht is charged only once and put away forever.

It shows how some people are truly untouchable, and it also calls into doubt these narratives of how he is being persecuted or how powerful the left is. My opinion or ‘worldview’ is that conservatives overestimate the ability of the left to coordinate, and the enthusiasm of the left-wing apparatchiks, whose roles are more perfunctory than carried out with enthusiasm. ‘Liberal elites’ are not coordinating as well as assumed or feared, and are generally indifferent to the causes they espouse. They don’t have that strong of opinions against Trump. They don’t like the guy, but that is about as far as the dislike goes.

If anything, they, the left, are doing him a service. His spritely looking mugshot went viral, as did his recent tweet, getting over a million likes–a record for him. Similar to how ‘cancel culture’ backfires by increasing the popularity of its targets, democrats are probably like ‘stop helping him’.

And now Vivek Ramaswamy, or more like Ramaswarmy (someone should use that line). Similar to the supporting character of an early 2000s teen romantic comedy, he is cast as comic relief to the leading white cast. I dunno where people get the idea that this guy is a genius. Nothing about him stands out as being particularly smart, maybe a 130 IQ at best. He is a genius though at enriching himself. From Wiki:

Before new clinical trials began, he engineered an initial public offering (IPO) in Axovant.[35] Axovant became a “Wall Street darling” and raised $315 million in its IPO.[43] The company’s market value initially soared to almost $3 billion, although at the time it only had eight employees, including Ramaswamy’s brother and mother.[35] Ramaswamy took a massive payout after selling a portion of his shares in Roivant to Viking Global Investors.[35] He claimed more than $37 million in capital gains in 2015.[35] Ramaswamy said his company would be the “Berkshire Hathaway of drug development”[5] and touted the drug as a “tremendous” opportunity that “could help millions” of patients, prompting some criticism that he was overpromising.[35]

In September 2017, the company announced that intepirdine had failed in its large clinical trial.[35][44] The company’s value plunged; it lost 75% in one day and continued to decline afterward.[35] Shareholders who lost money included various institutional investors, such as the California State Teachers’ Retirement System pension fund.[35]

He continues in the long tradition of people who became immensely wealthy as their companies dissolved or shut down and investors lost everything.