‘Snowflake’ as an insult has never made sense

The designation or descriptor of ‘snowflake’ as synonymous with weakness or fragility, or snowflake as an insult against the left, has never made much sense to me. The indefatigable desire to banish one’s ideological enemies/opponents from all corners of the internet and discourse, has never struck me as snowflake-like. The persistence and ruthlessness in identifying and arresting every remaining Jan. 6th trespasser long after the successful installation of the new regime and the public losing interest, again, is more demonstrative of resolve by the left than fragility or weakness.

Even outside of politics, the left are not exactly pushovers. Try selling in the wrong category on Craigslist or putting ‘original research’ or edits on Wikipedia, and seeing how long it lasts. Or asking a badly-worded question on Stack Overflow, and see how long you last or how well your Ben Shapiro ‘facts and logic’ holds up. I think it’s more like intolerance is being misconstrued as weakness. Which by that logic, would apply to conservatives who are intolerant of the left.

Second, the type of careers in which the left dominates–such as academia, the entertainment industry, and the arts–are known for being very competitive and difficult in terms of low pay and low odds of success. Being a full-time activist does not exactly entail a cushy lifestyle (unless the founders quietly siphon off donations to buy a $6 million hidden mansion). The ‘starving artist’ is not a fictional archetype…it’s reality. Only a quarter of books earn back their advance. Getting into a good grad school, securing academic positions, tenure, etc. is regarded as very hard, and these jobs tend to not pay well anyway. Harvard only accepts 3-4 percent of applicants, the lowest ever, and these are among people who are already self-selected to be assertive and overly ambitious. These are not the sort of jobs or positions that weak, unambitious people succeed at or attain.

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