The daily view: 1/12/2023

1. META stock is surging like I said it would, now at $137. It’s going back to $350 soon, maybe in a few years. Four months ago the experts had written it off, and then it suddenly surged from $90 to almost $140 like nothing. The gains will hold. META makes so much money from ads, whether its’s on Facebook or Instagram. An aging population, chronic illnesses, abundant upper-middle class and wealthy discretionary income, and government-subsidized healthcare are all contributing factors to this post-2008 digital ad-spending boom, led by multinationals.

Record government spending goes right into the coffers of big tech and big healthcare. Same for Google stock, which will also recover. The PMC and the truck-class has more income than ever before, such as tech jobs, investing, contracting, HVAC, etc. Home renovations, truck sales, and other expensive consumer discretionary items boomed since 2020, from the depths of what seemed like such a bad crisis and pandemic, far faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

2. Bitcoin is surging, but unlike META, the gains will not hold. It will be below $16k soon enough. These idiots and lemmings think they are going to get rich again, and the rug will be pulled out again like always. It’s always the same pattern. When it comes to wealth creation there is no substitute for the college degree, real estate, white collar jobs, index funds, high IQ, talent, etc. Shortcuts and hustles marketed to low/average-IQ people are doomed to fail: some may make money but most won’t. Sure, some average-IQ people can get rich with contracting or other blue collar work, but the odds are less favorable compared to degree holders. You read stories of average-IQ people who make money with crypto or home flipping, and then they lose it all when the market abruptly turns. Happens all the time. People with valuable, high-IQ skills don’t have to worry as much about the market turning. Even with the recent tech layoffs, those skills are still sought and pay well.

3. Stock market going up as predicted (this is related to #1)

4. Richard Hanania defends Canada’s euthanasia program. I agree with him. It’s not like people are being forcibly euthanized or being denied healthcare. It’s more like having a choice. This saves money and possibly lessens suffering because some people will choose euthanasia over costly and/or ineffective end-of-life care. This frees up more resources for everyone else and lessen overall suffering. This is an issue that should be less controversial than the death penalty, because of the possibly in the latter of innocent people being killed. In the case of euthanasia, it’s people who have consented to die. The prospect of people choosing to die is unsettling possibly, but so is people dying in the final stages of illnesses or of self-inflicted suicide.


  1. The problem with your analysis is that highly skilled blue collar jobs actually do something that is obvious. And they are mostly done by white men and, in certain cases, women.

    Increasingly, we are seeing white collar work done by people who aren’t qualified, or are even destructive, because the product or service is so intangible. It’s a world of diversity hiring that isn’t going to produce results – if they actually compete fair and square against white men. They are stacking the deck. This is the reason why they are going after Musk. He’s showing the public how they stack the deck.

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