Taleb vs. Andrew Tate

This is stupid but kinda funny

Sounds like Taleb is projecting his envy on others again for being so mediocre at life. Why is it so hard to accept that some people who flaunt wealth may actually be wealthy? Does anyone dispute that the Kardashians are wealthy even though they flaunt their wealth? If Taleb was such a successful trader, why can’t he show the records proving such? Why can’t anyone vouch for him, such as secondhand accounts? Yet he’s calling other people fake.

It’s like “we” have to invent narratives or give successful people handicaps to satisfy our notion of fairness and equality. “IQ doesn’t matter, high-IQ people are only good at taking tests!” “People who seem wealthy are just faking it!” “Rich people are unhappier than regular people, because some rich celebrities have depression!” (The antidepressants market would not be a $12 billion/year industry if only rich celebrities were getting depression.)

Or another classic one: Bullies are just projecting their insecurities. Thank you Mr. Freud, did you take a psychological inventory of every bully, or are you just saying this because you wish it was true?

Why can’t we just accept that some people are simply ‘better’, without having to invent handicaps or excuses for why they aren’t actually better. When I wanted to get better at math, I spent hours/day working on it. I didn’t just accuse those who are better at math at ‘pretending to be good at math’.

Regarding the plane being leased, a new or slightly used private jet costs $10-30+ million, with a very high upkeep. It does not make sense to buy one when you can have all the functionality and amenities of flying private by chartering one.

By Taleb’s own logic, Mr. Tate should be the smartest man in the world given how wealthy he is at a relatively young age (because Taleb has long argued that wealth is like an IQ test). It’s more like, “you are not rich unless you make money in a way I approve of, and or unless you agree with me about Covid and Ukraine. Otherwise, you are either pretending to be rich or a sociopath.”

Yup, there he goes with the sociopath insult again. Taleb comes across as the envious, covetous one. Spoken like a sore loser.