No one is ever consistent in their beliefs

Here is Mike Cernovich saying that Rogan was wrong to apologize for some old clips that surfaced of him using the n-word, yet a few days ago Cernovich was tweeting that being vaccinated is preferrable to being fired, generating rebuke from his followers. How is that any different? It’s just another form of capitulation.

It’s easy from the safety of your twitter account to say Rogan should not have apologized, but you are not in the same position as he is in. You do not have $100 million contract, or the size of audience as Rogan has. Maybe Rogan rationalized that by apologizing he can reach more people, than if he were cancelled. In the end, no one is going to care in a couple weeks when this blows over.

I tried to figure out why this contradiction exists. Why was Rogan wrong to apologize, yet capitulating to employer-mandated vaccines is the rational or right thing to do. Perhaps Rogan’s predicament is seen as unrelatable, whereas having to choose between being vaccinated or being fired, is a dilemma that average people can relate to more. Maybe Rogan is so rich and successful, that he should not have to ever apologize.

It does show at least that money does not buy intellectual/creative freedom. I and others would wish to see Mr. Rogan give his critics the finger, without having to explain himself or to try spilt the difference, but at the same time I can understand why he won’t.

In the end, this is someone who built a platform that exceeds the audience and reach of even CNN or Fox, and is a millionaire many times over, so it’s reasonable to assume that he [Mr. Rogan] is defaulting to what has worked for him in the past to become as successful as he is today. It’s like when Vox Day attacks Scott Adams regarding vaccines or Ben Shapiro for being a sellout; in the end, no one gives a shit. Scott’s and Shapiro’s tweets are getting more engagement than ever before, so evidently they are doing something right (if the goal is to optimize for traffic, viralness, revenue, etc.).

I think in some sense we’re also becoming a nation of whiners, looking to either be the victim or accuse others of hypocrisy, instead of looking to ourselves, where in the end both the answers and the solutions lie. It has become a game a gotcha journalism, of who can dig up the oldest clips of whoever said the n-word, whether it is Biden or Rogan, or who can find the most racist SNL skit to lay on the left.