Over the weekend the following two posts went hugely viral

Over the weekend the following two posts went hugely viral: Reddit: I Am a New York City Public High School Student. The Situation is Beyond Control. …and from Freddie deBoar Many Kids Don’t Have a Warm, Safe, Healthy Home in Which to Do “Remote Learning” Finally, two years after the hype-demic began, there is now… Continue reading Over the weekend the following two posts went hugely viral

The Theranos fraud, discussion

Regarding the Elizabeth Holmes conviction, he writes: Ripping off rich people. This was Madoff’s big mistake. You steal from the poor, you have a better shot at skating. You steal from the wealthy and they pull levers. Not only the wealthy – she also stole from powerful people – a General and a former Secretary… Continue reading The Theranos fraud, discussion

The Purging of The Right

I increasingly find myself reading liberal or centrist blogs. I think the problem is that the presence of the alt/dissident-right has been almost completely banished from the internet, save for a few sites such as 4chan and Unz.com The alt/dissident right has been purged from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Reddit, and even some alt-tech platforms.… Continue reading The Purging of The Right

2022 Predictions

It’s time for 2022 predictions, and a recap of my 2021 predictions. Overall, my 2022 predictions and forecasts are a continuation/extension of 2021, with little changing. My 2021 forecasts were right on the nose. The only thing I missed was CPI going up a lot, and all the headlines about inflation and shortages. But it… Continue reading 2022 Predictions

2022 plans

Prediction posts and year-in-review posts are time consuming to write, so here are some plans for 2022. The prediction post will come later, but it will not be changed much from my predictions last year. 1. Publish the 3x ETF method, which blows Bitcoin away. I already began work on in this in 2020 but… Continue reading 2022 plans