Over the weekend the following two posts went hugely viral

Over the weekend the following two posts went hugely viral:

Reddit: I Am a New York City Public High School Student. The Situation is Beyond Control.

…and from Freddie deBoar Many Kids Don’t Have a Warm, Safe, Healthy Home in Which to Do “Remote Learning”

Finally, two years after the hype-demic began, there is now as much criticism coming from the left now as there is from the right. Everyone, regardless of politics, seems to be in agreement that dysfunction now reigns. It would appear as if the final straw for the left are school closures and just the overall poor handling of the situation.

I don’t necessarily want to say they brought it upon themselves, but this the political equivalent of the pet tiger that accidently eats its owner . They, these high-income, professional elites (the so-called ‘smart-left’), want all the amenities of ‘being blue’ (such as social status, good-paying jobs, high home prices, mingling, a fun social life, career success, etc.) but none of the negatives (such as CRT, mask mandates, school closures, etc.) that come with it. They like the idea of social justice in the abstract, but rightfully are opposed to having their children’s curriculum dumbed-down/diluted by CRT, affirmative action, or having their cities looted and burned. They want a vigorous anti-Covid response, but they don’t want to be forced to wear masks or have school closed (they just assume that it will be someone else who has to social distance, not themselves, because they are rich and shielded). They now suddenly realize that politics doesn’t always respect personal boundaries.

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  1. Schools should stay open to prevent the rougher students from causing trouble, but they will obviously do that anyway.

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