The Jewish Question

A conspiracy would seem to suggest that all Jews are operating under a similar directive. But being over-represented in all areas of society does not imply a conspiracy unless it can be shown that they are all acting under a common goal, yet the fact that Jews not uncommonly take diametrically opposing views on all issues, weakens the case for conspiracy.

Jewish success can be better-explained by individual factors, such as favoritism/connections and career choice, than a conspiracy. Maybe Jewish families tend to value achievement more so than gentile families.

In 2014 former U.S. Senator Carl Levin (a Jew) in 2014 led a subcommittee against Renaissance Technologies, founded by billionaire hedge fund manager Jew James Harris Simmons, which in 2021 resulted in Renaissance paying out $7 billion to the IRS. Here you have two Jews in elite positions of power yet on completely opposite sides of an issue.

Among the biggest boosters and critics of the Iraq war were Jewish-Noam Chomsky, who opposed the war, and David Frum, who supported it. Gentile Christopher Hitches was a major supporter of the Iraq war.

Jewish intellectuals and pundits span the entire ideological, economic, and political spectrum, from Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, and Mises on one extreme, to Marx, Adorno, and even Bernie Sanders on the other. Ron Unz, the founder of the right-wing ‘extremist’ site Unz Review, is Jewish. Similar to paleo-conservative gentile Pat Buchanan, Paul Gottfried, a Jew, is a staunch critic of interventionist policy.

Although Jews are stereotyped as being liberal, some of biggest opponents of CRT are Jewish. Mark Levin, for example, recently wrote a book denouncing Cultural Marxism. Popular talk radio host Michal Savage, who is Jewish, has been a vocal critic of the left for decades. Ben Shapiro too. Although it’s possible that this is so-called controlled opposition. Being anti-CRT is just a way to shoehorn neocon positions on other issues after winning the trust of a credulous audience.

Too many culpable gentiles to put the blame squarely on the Jews. Although Jews are disproportionately over-represented, there are still way more total gentiles in the highest of positions of power. Regarding Iraq again, there is Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Powell, and Rice–all gentiles. Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, Douglas J. Feith, and Richard Perle were the only notable Jewish architects of the Iraq war, and they played a small role compared to the others. A common argument is that they are sock puppets, but this seems to suggest that gentiles are lacking in agency to make their own decisions or form their own beliefs, and it’s possible they hey arrived at such beliefs independently. Wilson, Truman, Churchill, FDR, etc. were all thirsty for war, years before the founding of Israel.

And then also Fauci and Liz Cheney. Morris Dees, a co-founder of the SPLC, was raised a Baptist. Of the Biden Cabinet, four members have at least one Jewish parent, those being Janet Yellen, Merrick Garland, Antony Blinken, and Alejandro Mayorkas, so that still leaves 12 gentiles. Only 2 Supreme Court justices are Jewish, so that is still 7 gentiles.

There are too many stupid, corrupt, dysfunctional people of all walks of life to only blame the Jews or any particular group.


  1. I’m glad you mentioned the term “controlled opposition”. If true, this begs the question, controlled by who and for what purpose? Is it to provide an illusion of choice or, if real, is controlled opposition intended to suggest the outer boundaries of acceptable debate?

  2. I don’t know, every ideological leftist revolution, seems to have someone with brackets around their name involved in it. Jews are awfully predominate in sexual politics, for instance. Right wing Jews tend in my experience to be more libertarian, rather than truly Pat Buchanan conservatives. Truly Orthodox Jews, the most truly conservative, aren’t the problem. But Jews tend to think of themselves as Jews first, even unconsciously. Centuries of living as outsiders in other cultures reinforce this. So they are not the cause of all of the world problems, but they create as a group, problems of their own for the societies they live in.

  3. Jews on the Right (whatever that is now) frame the Left as the real racists, whereas, the Jews on the Left (whatever that means) categorize the Right as fascists; by doing so the tribe manages the White gentile political narrative balanced in its favor.

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