Vox Day Ranting About The Boomers

Vox Day for the past month has been ranting especially hard about ‘the boomers’. His disdain for the boomers seems sorta misplaced given that America was already well on its trajectory of its current cultural demise at least a decade before the boomers came of age. Perhaps because the generation that preceded the boomers–the silent generation–is nearing its end, and that boomers are the next in the line of succession to blame. Although boomers are commonly lumped in with the ’60s and ’70s counter cultures, it wasn’t until the ’80s and ’90s did boomers become fully assimilated and represented in the highest echelons of government and society. The typical boomer born in 1955, would have only been a teenager during the Civil Rights and the ‘Warren Court’ era, and 30-years-old by 1985, which was not that long ago. By that point, America had long crossed the event horizon of its cultural demise. Vox is not wrong about boomers, overall, being self-absorbed, having bad taste in music, and prioritizing their careers and leisure over their children, but at least they didn’t call themselves ‘the greatest generation.’

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  1. Yeah, sometimes he says things that are interesting, but overall he’s a nut. This anti-boomer thing is just another example of white cowardice (I know, he pretends to be a feather Indian). Faced with a racist, oppressive government and establishment they throw their grandparents under the bus rather than take the risks of confronting those in power. No other group does this. Also, boomers are far more conservative than millennials and younger generations who support the whole destructive program at far higher levels. As I said, it’s just cowardice.

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