Microstrategy’s Macro-Sized Losses

Microstrategy down 6% to $488, down $300 since I predicted that it could go bankrupt (or at least be forced to raise a ton of capital at very unfavorable rates) if bitcoin falls to $10k, destroying considerable shareholder equity.

The cards are falling. Despite Bitcoin being down 28% from its highs, MSTR is down over 60%. Mike a few days ago added another 270 Bitcoin to his position. I don’t claim to be a math phd or anything like that, but if you keep adding to a position that is falling, especially with borrowed money, you are going to eventually go broke.

I just hoped he saved some $ for the inevitable shareholder lawsuits. Poor guy is gonna need it.

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  1. I actually worked a gig for MicroStrategy in its 90s heyday. I even bought $1,000 in stock which promptly went to $20,000. I was too stupid to sell and it crashed to around $600 by the time I finally got out. LOL… I believe this is the same CEO and founder who, if I recall, was inclined towards extravagant and grandiose gestures.

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