So much for that…

Having purged any dissenters from his site, Vox is back to discussing Jordan Peterson, comic books, Disney, and other pressing matters of national importance, as if him hyping Q and ‘the storm’ over 2019-2020 never happened. You cannot just ‘memory hole’ Q and expect no one will notice.

To recap, in 2019 and 2020, leading up to the election, Vox repeatedly predicted that Trump would win in a landslide (the so-called ‘Trumpslide’), although he was hardly alone.

When the Trumpslide failed to happen and the election was a lot closer than Vox and others had predicted, possible fraud notwithstanding, the narrative changed to ‘the election being stolen by Biden’ and that this injustice would be rectified in the courts.

So off to the courts Trump’s team went, and it went nowhere. So the narrative changed again to this much-hyped ‘Kraken’ by Sidney Powell, which even Trump himself would not entertain or endorse, as it was demonstrably BS.

The Kraken, too, turned out to be a dud and a farce, which was obvious to anyone possessing even a room-temperature IQ, so the narrative then changed again to Pence somehow by invoking some obscure clause could overturn the results.

So after that failed, the prediction was that Pence would be arrested, and some other nonsense I cannot recall. The Capitol Hill protest was supposed to herald ‘the storm,’ but the rioters were easily swatted down, and things quickly returned to normal.

Biden was later inaugurated without any incident–no storm, no arrests, no surprises. Trump would leave office without any resistance on his part.

As a last-ditch hope, the presence of military on the Capitol was somehow supposed to be evidence of a pending military takeover that would somehow restore Trump or unseat Biden, nevermind the obvious reason why they were there, which was to maintain order and security as a consequence of the protests 2 weeks earlier.

If Vox just admitted he was wrong and misled, no one would hold it against him. Everyone gets stuff wrong: I for example did not expect GME to fall so suddenly and quickly, nor did I expect Bitcoin to go to $30k. Thousands of smart, knowledgeable people were fooled by Q propaganda. Being among them is nothing to be ashamed of…mistakes happen to everyone. To give credit where it is due, Vox was right about Jordan Peterson, in mid-2018 at the peak of Dr. Peterson’s popularity, predicting he would have a mental breakdown and be hospitalized, but was wrong about Dr. Peterson’s popularity or relevance declining or about Dr. Peterson’s followers feeling disillusioned and thus turning against him or abandoning him.