Nassim Tooleb keeps digging himself deeper

Mentally ill Nassim Tooleb continues to double-down on his covid insanity:

I have a proposal: if, according to Tooleb, people who deny social distancing should be denied treatment, then Taleb should agree to permanently delete his Twitter account if he is wrong. The obvious problem with this proposal, besides that Tooleb would never agree to it, is that “curve flatteners” cannot be demonstrably proven wrong, as any outcome can justify it, making it by definition unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific. If things get worse, then it proves that not enough was done; if things improve, then it justifies it. However, Sweden is one of a handful of developed countries that has not implemented social distancing and lock downs, yet the infection rate is no worse than similar countries that have implemented such measures. Sweden as of 5/4/2020 has a case incidence of 2,200/million, but Spain has 5,500 cases/million and Italy has 3,500 cases/million. A similar disparity is also observed in death rates, too.

And here he is showing what a sore, envious loser he is:

So wanting businesses to reopen, according to Tooleb, makes one a psychopath. No, the real psychopath is you, Tooleb, for being a sadist who seeks to impose his will on everyone. Wanting people who get sick to be denied treatment as punishment for not social distancing, is textbook sociopathy. When you understand that the left is motivated by envy and resentment of the successful and the happy, then their behavior begins to make sense. The left wants to bring the world down to their level, where people are scared and have to wear masks and social distance to protect themselves from imagined threats. People like Musk embody hope, happiness, and success; Tooleb embodies fear, envy, subservience, and doubt.

Tooleb being intellectually dishonest again:

Tooleb is ignoring, as some have pointed out in the comments, that the number of cases and deaths in Sweeden is not growing exponentially as originally feared, but is following a trajectory similar to everywhere else. With the exceptions of Brazil and Russia, all countries, regardless of policy, have seen their daily number of deaths and cases stabilize or fall.

We need to record all of Taleb’s covid tweets, in case he later deletes them, as evidence to remind anyone who may be seduced by his posturing, that he is a bully who has no idea what he is talking about.