Justice Department Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google

The left (and also some on the right) are ecstatic over plans by the DOJ to investigate Google for antitrust. Memories of the infamous United States v. Microsoft Corp case come to mind, but similar to the Muller report, which yielded nothing despite great hope by the left that it would deliver the evidence of collusion necessary to impeach Trump, the left’s celebration is likely premature.

We’re a long way from any sort of action being taken against Google.

First, they are preparing for the investigation. This does not mean it will actually happen.

If it happens, it does not mean anything will be found that would justify further action

If something is found, it may be settled for a fine instead of going to court.

If it goes to court, it can end in a settlement similar to how the DOJ in 2001 reached an agreement with Microsoft to not breakup the company, but I’m doubtful it will get this far.

Overall, given all these hurdles, I don;t think anything will come of this and Google is a buy on the dips.
My 4-d chess perspective on this is that Trump is hoping to capture democratic and undecided voters by stirring up anti-tech giant sentiment.