Blackpilling, part 2

Arnold is blackpilling

Also, there is nothing to write about. Covington? Northam? If we have the luxury of turning these stories into headlines, then we are either doing very well as a country or else we are desparate for distractions from whatever real problems we have.

It’s no so much that there is no news, but the news falls under the category of ‘known unknowns’ and ‘known knowns’. We know the left will resist Trump at every step of the way. Trends that pertain to economics and finance are also very easy to predict and stable over periods of many years, even decades. We know that the Euro will remain weak relative to the US dollar, the US stocks will outperform emerging markets.

The outrage over Covington and Northam is evidence that beneath America’s strong economy and stock market, there is a sort cultural/social decay and sickness, both figurative and literal (such as the thousands of broken families and destroyed lives due to the opioid abuse epidemic). There is so little actual virtue that all we can do is virtue signal on social media for the approval of total strangers. When people’s livelihoods are ruined due to due to harmless social media postings and decades-old yearbook photos, then it goes beyond just being a distraction.

In the U.S., I see a progressive elite that pounds the table insisting that it stands against oppression. And we have a conservative elite that pounds the table insisting that it stands against barbarism.

It’s not so much opposing barbarism, but it’s more like trying to throw a kill switch to stop the runaway train that is cultural progressivism.

The 2016 election exposed the conservative elite as a slim minority.

…might non-white ethnics at some point decide that the progressive elite is not worth supporting? One can envision a scenario in which the progressive elite finds itself as beached as the conservative elite finds itself today.

Yeah, by definition the elite are a minority. That is already happening. Look at the rise of Occasional Cortex, who despite the absence of any sort of credentials releases an outlandish ‘green deal’ and overnight becomes a moral and political authority. However, the left, unlike the right, have much more success at legislation, which puts ‘Trumpism’ at a much bigger disadvantage than ‘Cortezism’. But furthermore, you (or at least I do) get the impression that the GOP doesn’t really care that much about “us” (as in white, middle class Americans), and this is evident by the right’s endless appeal to “legal” immigration, as if immigration is hunky-dory provided it’s legal. At least the far-left looks after their own (provided it’s consistent with intersectionality), but with the ‘right’, all we’re good for is our vote and not much else.