Huge Ethereum delay: another correct prediction

In October 2018, I wrote that the Ethereum management is too inept to get the Constantinople fork to work:

Ethereum has been done-in by an inherently flawed concept, too much inflation and supply, and inability to release promised upgrades. ETH is burdened by ICO selling and too much overhead supply from early investors and mining inflation. The management is so inept that they cannot even get the Constantinople fork to work, even after a year of planning for it.

Due problems, the fork was initially delayed in October 2018 until January 2019. But now it has been delayed yet again for another six weeks due to another bug, confirming my earlier statement about the dev. team being inept. Many complained that six weeks is too long for such a minor fix, but that goes to show how I am right even about matters not related to finance, stocks, or politics. Ethereum sucks. Either the devs or too incompetent to make the code work or they are being bribed to forestall upgrades; either way is bad news for Ethereum. This bodes poorly for future upgrades such as Caspar and Sharding. Ethereum will continue to fall relative to Bitcoin and other coins as people lose faith in the project. A trade that is ‘short’ Ethereum and long a combination Bitcoin, Tron, Stellar, Monero, Ripple should be successful.