Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

Tucker summarizes it better than I can:

What we’re witnessing now is a narrative collapse by the left.

The full video footage, which is over an hour long, exonerates any possible wrongdoing by the Covington kids. Between this and the backlash to the Gillette ad, outside of their insular Twitter blue-check bubbles and Buzzfeed, online, the left is quite unpopular. On YouTube, left-wing biased videos frequently get as many down-votes as up-votes, sometimes more, such as that awful Gillette ad.

That’s not the say the left has been a total failure…where the left is more successful is on economic issues and promoting ‘positive liberty’ such as gay marriage, abortion rights, accessibly to contraception, drug legalization, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

The ‘right’, however, succeeds at tax cuts and defense spending, but not much else, and for decades have been losing ground against the left on cultural issues, as we all know.

The left fails when they excessively moralize and when they try to push their ideology in a way that too overtly partisan-motivated, rather than trying to promote ‘rights’, ‘justice’, and ‘equality’ as being intrinsically good, than politically-motivated. The gay marriage initiative succeeded because the left framed it as promoting equality, but the Gillette ad failed because it was too sanctimonious.

The left also succeeds at economic issues (although not in terms of policy, but rather in terms of sentiment) by positioning themselves as champions of justice and equality against greedy rich people and tax-dodging corporations. This is why initiatives to raise taxes are popular among many people and get positive press coverage, even if not politically viable.

Regarding the Covington kids, the left also failed, not necessarily because they got the story wrong, but because they were perceived as bullies than as champions of equality.

In other words, the left’s knee-jerk condemnation of these kids, including on Twitter advocating violence and equating MAGA hats with the KKK, turned away moderates and framed the left as intolerant.

Similar to Trump’s surprise election win, which the left could have never foreseen but served as a useful teaching moment for the pitfalls of being too confident, we’re seeing a similar rebuke by classical/centrist-liberals against the far-left for being overly confident in presuming the racism of the Covington kids, especially on Reddit.

Equality and justice are Trojan horses for advancing left-wing policy, but in this instance the left’s impertinence backfired.