Nassim Taleb endorses ‘reverse-Darwinism’

Anti-HBD liberal Nassim Taleb endorses ‘reverse-Darwinism’ (survival of the un-fittest):

From Nature Beats Nurture:

This is true. The left twists science so that it agrees with their ideology. The left believes in Darwinism – but in reverse, or survival of the un-fittest. Taking tax payer dollars from the most productive and frittering it away on the least. The left can’t stomach the idea that some people are intrinsically better than others, so they want the state to create equal outcomes, even if it makes everyone worse-off.

50-80% of healthcare resources are spent on costly end-of-life care. The final years of life are by far the most expensive. This imposes a great cost on insurance companies, hospitals, and taxpayers. If anything, we’re doing too much.

I propose an alternative that anyone in the final stages of life is offered the option of euthanasia (or it’s made mandatory, which may be necessary to control healthcare costs) in exchange for a donation that can go to one’s heirs to a charity of one’s choice. So instead of spending $200k for maybe couple years of extra life, the euthanasia procedure would only cost a couple thousand dollars and the donation maybe would cost $10k. That is a huge savings. If someone has insurance that covers such costs or has enough money to pay out of pocket, then that is different, but overall the burden on taxpayers is still very high. $10k/month for a cancer or dementia drug that has a 50% chance of adding a couple months of life, is not a very good deal, imho.

If one looks at US healthcare spending relative to GDP, a what point does such growth become unsustainable?:

When do we just say’enough is enough’. In spite of all of this spending, U.S. life expectancy (adjusted for infant mortality) has increased only two years since 1998:

Probably, technological gains are negated by a rising obesity rate.

Same for special education, which gets way more funding than gifted education even though both extremes are represented equally on the Bell Curve, and gifted people, unlike low-IQ people, are much more likely contribute to society through innovation and entrepreneurship. Low-IQ people however are much more likely to be dependent on welfare and other social programs at a cost, again, to taxpayers.

Jordan Peterson is right. Too much compassion and kindness is not virtuous. We are witnessing the death of society by compassion.