Alt Right- Two Variants

Everyone is aware of the long-standing division between classical liberals versus welfare/SJW-left. And among the right, there is the division between ‘establishment conservatives’ versus the alt-right. But among the the alt-right there is yet another division that I have observed over the past few years, specially since Trump’s victory. The division concerns the JQ (Jewish question), but also as it pertains so philosophy and one’s outlook towards life. They are both alt-right, yet distinct in many ways.

The JQ-right: (first variant)

JQ very important
Jews control the room
Know More News, Mike Stathis, Richard Spencer
Materialistic, deterministic view view of the world, whether biological, social, or economic (Hegel, Marx inspired; Herbert Spencer; also Kant and Nietzsche )
Agnostic, atheist
Natural law
Trump is a Zionist/globalist shill/puppet

(second variant)

WQ very important
Clean your room, bucko!
Vox Day, Davis Aurini, Roosh V., Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones [Dr. Peterson is avowedly not alt-right, but his ideas are popular among the alt-right]
Idealistic, strong emphasis on self-improvement; Max Weber, Aristotelianism, Alasdair MacIntyre, Thomism
Religious, theological
Divine law
Trump will make America great again

They both have roughly the same IQs, but I have observed the latter to be somewhat smarter and more mature, and are well-educated about history, policy, philosophy, and theology. They both have valid points. The former is smaller than the latter. As an economic/historical materialist myself, I think the former are more aligned with reality but are susceptible to a victimization mindset (blame the Jews/Zionism).

Personal finance is one way to reconcile the first with the second, by combining the economic determinism of the first with the self-improvement and self-sufficiency of the second. If the tech elite and major tech companies are preordained to get bigger and more powerful, investing in such tech companies is a good way to achieve financial freedom.