Vox Day wrong about trade, GDP

Vox Day may be a genius at many things, but I think he’s wrong regarding the post Darkstream: Trade war is good for the U.S. economy, in which he writes: Instead what happened is what anti-free trade people like myself predicted would happen, and what proper economic theory, conventional economic theory, predicts would happen –… Continue reading Vox Day wrong about trade, GDP

Debunking the media’s smear campaign against Elon Musk

I’ve written extensively about Elon Musk and Tesla, mostly regarding Tesla’s financials, and how, contrary to the doom and gloom by the media, Tesla is not at risk of bankruptcy and predicting that the stock will do well. Although I’m not usually one to entertain conspiracy theories, I believe there is a concerted effort by… Continue reading Debunking the media’s smear campaign against Elon Musk

Foreign Stocks Don’t Belong in Your Portfolio

Some people bristle at the suggestion that one should not own foreign stocks in an investment/retirement portfolio. After all, if the market is random and market timing is impossible, then excluding foreign stocks is the same as timing and therefore disadvantageous. This reflects a common misunderstanding about the stock market, which is that the inability… Continue reading Foreign Stocks Don’t Belong in Your Portfolio

My $100,000 Student Loan Debt

This article went massively rival, having been shared multiple times on Reddit and elsewhere: The inescapable weight of my $100,000 student debt It ends on a somewhat positive note, with the author becoming an editor for The New York Times, but he says he will not pay his debt off until 2032, when he turns… Continue reading My $100,000 Student Loan Debt

Anti-Trump op-ed

I’m by now sure we’ve all read the infamous anti-Trump op-ed that has rocked the world and Trump administration: I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration. The question on everyone’s mind is, who wrote it. Not surprisingly, leads have come up short. The major problem is no one really knows what constitutes… Continue reading Anti-Trump op-ed

Fukuyama vs. Huntington

Huntington’s Legacy They are both right in some respect. It’s not like they have to be mutually exclusive. Islamic fundamentalism is the dominant threat, yet the mixed-economy system does seem to be the prevailing one in the 21st century , displacing communism and socialism in many parts of the world. Big authoritarian powers like Russia… Continue reading Fukuyama vs. Huntington

The Political Circus

From Ross Douthat The Impotent Executive But Trump is still extraordinarily weak. Some of that weakness is invisible because we simply take it for granted; it’s just part of the scenery, for instance, that this White House has no legislative agenda, no chance of advancing any policy priority on the hill, barely two years into… Continue reading The Political Circus